Acinonyx jubatus (Cheetah)

EU-reported imports of wild-sourced Acinonyx jubatus trophy items (bodies, skins, skulls, trophies), 2003-2012.

With the exception of 8425 scientific specimens, wild-sourced trade in 2012 comprised trophies and trophy parts, which equated to approximately 78 individuals (71 trophies, 5 bodies, one skin and one skull). A permit analysis revealed that the skin and skull were imported on the same permit, potentially reducing the number of animals involved to 77. The vast majority of trophy items in 2012 were imported from Namibia (96%). Trade in wild-sourced trophy items was variable over the ten year period 2003-2012, peaking in 2008 with 161 trophies imported; trade in trophies subsequently declined 2009-2011, but doubled between 2011 and 2012. Namibia published an export quota in 2012 for ’150 trophies, skins and live specimens’, of which imports by the EU accounted for 47%[1].

[1] Includes skins and trophies reported with purpose codes ‘H’, ‘P’ and ‘T’.