High volume trade thresholds

Minimum quantity of specimens from wild, ranched, unknown and unspecified sources imported in 2012 to qualify for selection on the basis of high trade volume.

[l]Taxonomic group [r]CITES Appendix I [r]CITES Appendix II (CR, EN, VU, NT*) [r]CITES Appendix II [r]CITES Appendix III (CR, EN, VU, NT*) [r]CITES Appendix III [r]Reported by weight (kg) Appendix I/II/III (CR, EN, VU, NT*) [r]Reported by weight (kg) Appendix I/II/III
[l]Mammals [r]50 [r]50 [r]5000 [r]50 [r]25000 [r]50 [r]5000
[l]Birds [r]50 [r]50 [r]5000 [r]50 [r]25000 [r]50 [r]5000
[l]Reptiles [r]50 [r]50 [r]25000 [r]50 [r]50000 [r]50 [r]25000
[l]Amphibians [r]50 [r]50 [r]25000 [r]50 [r]50000 [r]50 [r]25000
[l]Fish [r]50 [r]50 [r]25000 [r]50 [r]— [r]50 [r]25000
[l]Invertebrates (non-corals) [r]250 [r]250 [r]25000 [r]250 [r]50000 [r]250 [r]25000
[l]Corals [r]— [r]10000 [r]25000 [r]10000 [r]50000 [r]10000 [r]25000
[l]Plants (non-tree) [r]250 [r]250 [r]25000 [r]250 [r]50000 [r]250 [r]25000
[l]Plants (trees) [r]250 m³ [r]250 m³ [r]500 m³ [r]250 m³ [r]2500 m³ [r]2500 [r]25000

* CR = Critically Endangered, EN = Endangered, VU = Vulnerable, NT = Near Threatened in IUCN Red List